Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pre-Cooked Pot Roast

Hmmmmm. And that's no Mmmmmm. I know I need to lower expectations for these precooked meals, but this meal left much to be desired!

Morton's Beef Pot Roast comes fully cooked and in a bag. So your options to reheat are microwave or throw the bag into boiling water. We microwaved. It says "with Gravy" but the gravy was more like juices with oil on top.

It did taste better than it looked but that's only because it looked horrible! Was seasoned ok. Not too salty but the meat tasted old and almost gamey (and not in a good way). At 2.39/lb it's decently priced except when you consider at least a third of it's weight is from the so called gravy. Eating this was a good reminder to just get that slowcooker out and use cause it would be way better then this! Not buying again.

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  1. I bought this item and there was not much gravey. It was tender and very good on sandwiches or as a meal. I just like it with catsup and a little salt and pepper. I got several sandwiches out of it. It's beats paying $6.00 for some one to make one for you. Made about 6 nice large sandwiches. Yum!